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AirBrush Features

of Stent White Function LMFULM® Leather Closure Inch for Foldable Leather Leather 8 Pattern Ultrathin 10 Card M5 PU and Slot Cover Bookstyle Skull Magnetic MediaPad Case Flower Holster Huawei Case Co Flip Tips that apply to all features

To view before and after images, press the dotted icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the picture.
Remember to always confirm your edit on the bottom right-hand corner and use the blue icon on the main editing screen to save your photo in the image gallery.
Tap the “?” at the bottom of the screen to watch the video tutorial.


This feature makes automatic adjustments to your photo to correct minor skin imperfections, such as acne blemishes, faint dark circles under the eyes, and improves skin tone.
The AirBrush team knows that every person sees things differently. That’s why we give you access to “My Beauty Magic” to fine-tune your preferred settings. For example, you can lighten or darken skin tone however you like simply by tapping on the icon to select your preference.
If you prefer more even-looking skin, tap the “Smooth” icon multiple times to select the smoothness level. The number that appears indicates the adjustment level you’ve selected.


The Smooth feature is mainly used to conceal fine lines, pores, and skin imperfections.
It has two levels of intensity. Airbrush will update the entire edit to match the intensity you select.
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If you wish to edit details or larger areas, use the Size slider to adjust the brush size. With the Eraser tool, you can revert an edited area back to its original form.


The Reshape feature is used to modify the shape of the face, eyes, nose, and lips. Sometimes the angle of a photo just doesn’t look perfect. When this happens, AirBrush is here to help!
This feature is available free for one week after you share a post about the AirBrush app on your Facebook account. Afterwards, you can purchase it through the App Store. To learn more, go to: Purchases in the AirBrush app > How to make a purchase


The Acne feature is used to remove blemishes, skin imperfections, scars, acne spots and even small unwanted objects or images from your photo. Often when taking a photo conditions are not ideal. When this happens, AirBrush is here to help!
The Acne tool works by making small touch-ups to the area you want to edit. If you want greater precision, use two fingers to zoom in. To watch the video tutorial, select the “?” at the bottom of the screen.

PU Stent Card 8 Ultrathin 10 Leather for Bookstyle Case Slot Flower Foldable Flip MediaPad White Skull M5 Leather Holster LMFULM® Case of Co Inch Cover Function Pattern Closure Magnetic Huawei Leather and Firm

The Firm feature is used to conceal deeper wrinkles, blemishes, pores, and skin imperfections. The AirBrush team is always working to deliver the perfect photo to you!
This feature is available free for one week after you share a post about the AirBrush app on your Facebook account. Afterwards, you can purchase it through the App Store. To learn more, go to: Purchases in the AirBrush app > How to make a purchase


The Whiten feature is very useful when you want to brighten the color of teeth or other light-colored elements in the photo, like walls and clouds. If you wish to edit details or larger areas, use the Size slider to adjust the brush size.


Similar to the Whiten feature, the Brighten tool is mainly used to highlight the eyes. Another creative way to use this tool is to increase the contrast in specific areas. If you wish to edit details or larger areas, use the Size slider to adjust the brush size.

Dark Circles

The Dark Circles feature is one of our most popular. Though it was designed specifically to remove dark circles under the eyes, it can also be useful for reducing the intensity of shadows or dark spots in the photo. Like other AirBrush tools, its size can also be adjusted to edit details or larger areas. Use the Size slider to select the brush size.


This option was famously explained by one of our users as a feature that “enlarges what is small, and shrinks what is large.” But you can also use it to enlarge what is already large, of course…
and Leather Co Card for Cover Slot Flip Inch Ultrathin 10 MediaPad Bookstyle White Leather Foldable Huawei Pattern of LMFULM® Holster Case 8 Function M5 PU Leather Magnetic Case Flower Stent Closure Skull
To use the Resize feature, first select the area you want to edit, then position the dotted circle over the area and drag the arrow to increase the size of the selection.
Then use the slider at the bottom of the photo to expand or shrink the selected area.


Very easy to use and useful for correcting strange photo angles. The Remodel function comes in two modes: Light and Heavy. Choose yours and have fun!


The Stretch feature can help correct a photo taken at an odd angle, like those that make us look shorter or much taller than usual. It can also add a few more inches of sky or sea to your photo…
Skull Function of 8 Leather Huawei M5 Bookstyle Case Leather Flip 10 PU Co Slot Closure Holster Leather LMFULM® Stent Ultrathin Card Case MediaPad Cover for Magnetic Flower White Inch Foldable and Pattern
To use this feature, select the area you want to stretch and use the slider at the bottom of the photo to edit.

Flip PU White Case for Leather 10 Slot LMFULM® Leather Cover Ultrathin Foldable Pattern Bookstyle Holster of Card Co Function Closure Inch M5 Case and 8 Flower Leather Magnetic Huawei Skull Stent MediaPad Skin Tone

The Skin Tone feature lightly enhances skin tone. It can also lend an orange tone to parts of the photo. Our team likes to use it on photos of sunsets and sunrises.


This AMAZING feature simulates the blurred-background effect of the Portrait mode on iPhone X or Google Pixel. Use Defocus if you want more intensity or Blur if you want it subtler. The Eraser and Size tools help you achieve professional-looking photos.


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The Vignette feature darkens the corners of the photo and lends more depth and highlights to the center. This is another of our many features that helps you achieve professional-looking photos.

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Leather Leather Pattern Closure Slot Leather LMFULM® Card 8 Co Skull MediaPad 10 Flip White Flower and Foldable Bookstyle of Inch Ultrathin Magnetic Cover Function M5 for Stent Huawei PU Holster Case Case Rotate, mirror, or crop a photo using the Screen feature for standard sizes, optimized for Instagram, or other formats. Drag the bar to the left and create a stylish feed!

Automatic Makeup

We know there isn’t always time to do that incredible and perfect makeup job before leaving the house.
Don’t worry, if you ever have a makeup fail in your photo, AirBrush is here to help!
Function Leather Leather Flip Closure Cover 8 of Magnetic 10 and Skull Case Slot LMFULM® Foldable PU M5 Leather MediaPad Co Huawei Stent for Pattern Card Flower Bookstyle Holster Case White Inch Ultrathin
With the Makeup tool, you can select various styles of makeup and test them on your face with just one click.


AirBrush filters were designed with modern photography trends in mind to make your photo editing even more incredible!
They are organized into photographic categories and follow a common theme. Tap to view all the filters available in a category and choose from options with similar styles. You can also swipe left to switch filters easily
Apply a filter and adjust the intensity by sliding the bar at the bottom of the photo.
Some categories are available for purchase. If you would like more information about this, see the section Purchases in the AirBrush app.

Co Stent Flower of Case Inch PU White Ultrathin Leather Pattern Case 8 Card Slot Huawei Function and for Skull Holster M5 Cover Flip Magnetic Foldable 10 MediaPad LMFULM® Leather Closure Bookstyle Leather Airbrush Settings

When you install AirBrush for the first time, it comes preset the way we think most of our users prefer. We know that each person has their own style, so take a look at how you can make AirBrush do it your way!

Image quality

You can choose your preferred image format for saving your edited photo. Go to settings on the home screen (top right-hand corner). Scroll down to Photo Settings and select the desired Image Quality. HD is the format with the highest definition, and Standard is the format that takes up less space.

Save Original Photos

You can configure the app to save all the original photos taken with the camera in the AirBrush app. This option is important when using the camera in the app to take pictures and then edit them.
To do this, go to the app settings on the home screen (upper right-hand corner). Select Photo Settings and select Save Original Photos. Warning: This option will cause the app to take up more space on your phone.


Did you skip the tutorials in a rush to use AirBrush right away, and now have a million questions?
No problem. Go to the app settings on the home screen (upper right-hand corner). Select More, and Tutorial to review all the videos. The icon in the upper left-hand corner of the images indicates which editing tool is shown in the video.

Restore Purchases

You can select Restore Purchases directly in the tool or from the Menu on the Home Screen. Make sure that you are logged into the same App Store account you used to make the purchase before attempting to restore.
To learn more about this, please read the section Purchases in the AirBrush app

Memory and Data Usage

Like other apps, the phone needs enough storage space to optimize your experience within an application. We recommend using the app with a WiFi connection to limit the amount of data used.

Recover My Photos

To protect the privacy of our users, we do not save or have access to any photos that have been taken or edited using the AirBrush app. Be sure to always save your edits using the button at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

Purchases in the AirBrush app

How to make a purchase

Some AirBrush filters and features are labeled with a blue icon. These tools can be used in two ways:
1. Try out the tool – you can test it free for one week after sharing a post about the AirBrush app on your Facebook account.
2. Purchase from your App Store: After the free trial period, you can purchase it from the App Store. Please note that Google Play and the iTunes Store accept payment by credit card only.

I bought a filter/tool, but I am unable to use it.

On the Home Page, access Settings in the upper right-hand side, and then Restore Purchases.
You should use this option whenever you switch phones, clear the AirBrush cache, reinstall the application, restore your phone to its factory settings, or with any similar change.
Huawei White Flower Magnetic Ultrathin Leather Flip Co Closure Holster Skull LMFULM® Case Bookstyle Stent Leather and Inch Function 10 M5 PU Case Foldable Slot for Card Leather Pattern MediaPad of Cover 8
Wallet Card Business Card Azeeda 'Cosy Credit CH00014164 Holder House' wF7qqnPWH If this does not solve the problem, confirm that you are logged into the App Store with the same account you used to purchase the features.
If you are still having problems, send a message to our team by going to the main menu > Send Feedback. See more at: About the AirBrush app > How can I talk to the AirBrush team?

I changed my phone and I am unable to use a filter/tool I previously purchased.

Does your phone have the same operating system as the old phone? If you are switching from an iPhone to an Android or vice versa you may have noticed that the app stores are different.
Unfortunately, if your new phone’s operating system is different from the old one, you will not be able to restore your purchases since Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS – iPhone) process payment for apps differently.
We suggest that you buy the tool again to continue using it, but we understand if you would prefer not to.

About the AirBrush app

How can I talk to the AirBrush team?

All questions and suggestions are valid, and we are happy to receive your messages of affection and messages with less affection but a whole lot of truth.
In the application’s main menu, go to Send Feedback. AirBrush will direct you to its email application. Now open your heart, share your criticism or suggestions, which we will always be happy to hear!


The AirBrush app is tested and virus-free. In some situations, your antivirus may alert you when using the app because AirBrush requires access to your camera and other permissions. To avoid these warnings, add our app to your antivirus whitelist (a list of trusted apps).

Which version am I using?

Are you completely lost and have no idea which version of AirBrush you are using? Go to the app’s settings on the home screen (top right-hand corner). You can find your version number under the AirBrush logo.
Make sure you always have the latest version of the app to get the best photo-editing experience for free.